Story of Amortality

amortality 5th dimension project aleksandra rowicka inga falkowska

Inga’s favorite hydrangea has been destroyed during her garden’s refurbishment. It is a rather sad story. She came back home and she saw a dead root of this previously beautiful, flowering plant. It was a heartbreaking moment.

Inga picked up the root and this is how the idea of the Amortality installation started. 5th Dimension Project includes many works related to science and what impact it has on our lives. The overwhelming feeling of loss and will to reverse the tragic death of a cared-for years plant gave birth to the installation.

I have photographed this installation in two settings. The first of them presents Amortality in a way that gives hope. The installation is bright and there is light coming down on the dead root. This is the photo that was featured at the Broto Art-Climate-Science conference in the US.

Amortality 5th Dimension Project by Inga Falkowska and Aleksandra Rowicka

The second photo is totally different. We tried to assembly the installation on a white background and the first idea was to present it in a clean, laboratory-like setting.

However, during our work, one of the tubes fell down and the blue chemical spilled on the background. (Well, yes, it was just water so we were safe.) In my opinion, this photo shows the opposite. It shows that all these efforts may be futile or would have unforeseen side effects.

Amortality installation by Inga Falkowska and photo by Aleksandra Rowicka 5th Dimension project

The lyrics I have written for this installation are:

“Let’s experiment and live forever. Maybe something will kill you sooner than eternity.”

5th dimension project amortality aleksandra rowicka lyrics

Amortality is not immortality. It is a very important difference in the context of this work. If someone is immortal, they will not die. No matter what. Wounds heal, bones grow back. Amortality means that someone would not die from old age or sickness. As long as there is medicine, treatments, vaccines, people do not get sick and everything can be cured, aging is reversed, nobody dies. But something more powerful than your own body may still kill you. Like a worker who killed the hydrangea.

Carpe diem,


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