Don’t tell me what to think!

5th dimension square world

It has been one month since the 5th Dimension book has been published. We have received many warm words, and many not so nice ones. People who bought it and read it shared their appreciation, and you can’t imagine how much it means to us.

HOWEVER, there are of course voices which are not so nice. One of the questions we have heard was: “Who are you to tell me what to think? Why would I buy your book?” Well, you must agree that this is not really a question, but a nasty comment. Still, let’s play nice and try to answer.

Let’s start with an easy one: no need to buy it. If you are interested in our works, all of them are available on our website. You cannot take the book in your hands, feel the paper, and have a more individual experience with art, of course. But, you may find out what the project is about.

Who are we to tell you what to think? It is a great question! First, it is already a good step, that you found out that the project is about thinking. Indeed, you will not find paintings of flowers nor nude photography. It is not comfortable. It will make you ask questions, and indeed, there may be some which you do not want to think about. They are inconvenient. They touch this part of you, which you would prefer to stay silent.

We do not tell you what to think. 5th Dimension project, hopefully, as this is our intention, will cause reflection and discussion. We do not give any answers.

The installation on this post’s cover is titled “Square World”.

Published by Art Vue Foundation

Art Vue Foundation supports and promotes all activities in the field of culture and art, by: publishing collective art albums, organizing and participating in art fairs and exhibitions, awarding Art Vue Foundation Prize.

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